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We are pleased to invite you to participate and be part of our "Avenue of Clans".

As part of your participation, you will receive a complimentary park pass for your volunteers. If your clan requires a tent, chairs, or tables, we have them available at no charge. Entry to the park is free along with parking.

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To learn more about the Clans attending the 2017 Festival, please see below! Check out the “Alternate/Associated Surnames” below each attending Clan – you might just find your own and a new Clan history in your family.


Clan Name: Cunningham / Cunninghame

Clan Leader: Sir John Christopher Foggo Mongtomery Cunningham

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: Cunnghame, Cunyingham(e), Cunninggim, Cuningham(e), Cunungsby, Cunygan, Cunyngham(e), MacCunnegan, Chancellor, Coon, Cooney, Dunlop, Dunlap, Flack, George, Giffen, Gunjon, Hackney, Hair/Hare/Hairt, Hemphill, Paisley, Powers, Stair, Stairs, Starrett, Steritt, Stirrat, Stirie, Stirey, Winchester, Woodburn

Notable Clan Members:

Clan Trivia: James Cunningham,Earl of Glencairn was the subject of Robbie Burns' Lament. It was written following the death of James, Burn's closest of friends. 


Clan Name: Elliot

Clan Leader: Margaret Elliott of Redheugh, 29th Chief of Clan Elliott

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: Ellots, Eliot, Elliot, Elliott, Ellyat, Ellwood, Ellacott, Crosby, Croser,  Crozer, Crozier, Glendinning, Hunter, Liddle, Little, Nickson, Nixon, Thomson

Notable Clan Members: Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Jjustin Pierre Trudeau

Clan Trivia: The current Chief of Clan Elliot is Margaret Elliott of Redheugh, the daughter of Sir Arthur Elliott, 11th baronet and 28th Chief of Clan Elliot. This is possible as there is no bar on females succeeding to Scottish chiefships, although the baronetcy was required by a law called primogeniture to pass to the next male heir.


Clan Name: Farquharson

Clan Leader: Alwyne Faruqharson of Invercauld, Chief of the Name and Arms of Faruqharson (Mac Mhic Fhionnlaigh)

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames:

Notable Clan Members: Lady Anne Faruqharson-MacKintosh, wife of Chief Angus Mackintosh of Clan Mackintosh, in the 18th century saved Charles Edward Stuart from capture in the Rout of Moy (now a village of Moy). She was imprisoned for six weeks for her deed.

Clan Trivia: In the 16th century, the clan became known as “the fighting Farquharsons” due to their fierce reputation. They were also strong supporters of the Stuarts, the royal line of Scotland. The Carn na Cuimbne (Cairn of Memory) is a stone cairn made up of stones placed by Faruqharson soldiers before being summoned into battle; the surviving men retrieved their stones, leaving only the stones of the fallen behind.


Clan Name: MacFarlane

Clan Leader: There has been no Clan Chieftain since 1866 and as such the Clan is now considered armigerous

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: Allan, Allanach, Allanson, Allison, Arrell, Arrol, Barclay (in Ulster), Bart, Bartholomew, Bartie, Bartson, Black*, Brice, Bryce, Caa, Callander, Caw, Condey, Condeyie, Condy, Cunnison, Galloway (in Stirling), Grassick (in Montrose), Grassie (in Aberdeen), Greusaich, Griesch (in Aberdeen), Grua- mach, Kennson, Kinnieson, Kinnison, Knox, Leaper, Lechie, Lennox, MacAindra, MacAllan, MacAllen, MacAndrew, MacAndro (in Dunbarton), MacCaa, MacCause, MacCaw, MacCondey, MacCondeyie, MacCondy, MacEach, MacEachern, MacEoin, MacErrachar, MacErracher, MacFarlan, MacFarland, MacFarlane, MacFarquahar, Macferlant (in Poland), MacGaw,MacGeoch, MacGilchrist, MacGreusach, MacGreusich, MacInally, MacIn­stalker, MacIock, MacJames, MacJock, MacKindlay, MacKinlay, MacNair, MacNaiyer, MacNayer, MacNeur, MacNider, MacNiter, MacNoyer, MacNuyer, MacRobb, MacWalter, MacWilliam, McFarlan, McFarland, McFarlane, Michie, Millar, Miller (in Dunbarton), Monach, Monachock, Nacfaire (in France), Parlan, Robb, Smith (in Dunbarton), Spruell, Stalker, Thomason, Thomson, Weaver, Webster, Weir, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wylie, Wyllie.

Notable Clan Members: George “Spanky” McFarland from “The Little Rascals”.  Seth MacFarlane comic.

Clan Trivia: War cry is “Loch Sloy”.

Motto is “This I’ll Defend”.

The full moon was known locally around Loch Lomond Scotland as “MacFarlane’s Lantern” due to frequent night time cattle raiding on neighboring clan lands.


Clan Name: MacLennan

Clan Leader: Ruairidh Donald George MacLennan of MacLennan, the Chief of the Name and Arms of MacLennan

Clan Website: or

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: Septs of Clan Mc/MacLennan-Gillfiman, Lagan,Lennan, Loban, Logan, Lyndon, MacClenahan, McClendon, MacGlennon, MacClendon, etc.

Notable Clan Members: Chief Ruaridh, a 17th century chief who led the Clan into the Battle of Auldearn, known as a giant with a distinctive red beard.

Clan Trivia: The current Chief became Scotland’s youngest clan chief at the age of 13, in 1989. The next Clan MacLennanan Gathering in Scotland will be in 2018 and will mark the 40th anniversary of the present-day Clan.


Clan Name: MacPherson

Clan Leader: Sir William MacPherson of Cluny, 27th Chieftain

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames:

Notable Clan Members: Roderick Gordon Murdock MacPherson (FRSHC), Earle S. MacPherson (inventor of the MacPherson Strut), Dr.  Cluny MacPherson (inventor of the WWI gas mask) and Miss Annie MacPherson (famous for initial accommodation of emigrant children from Britain, 1869-72).

Clan Trivia: The Clan’s homeland is in Badenoch, Invernesshire, Scotland. There is a Clan MacPherson museum situated in Newtonmore, Invernesshire, Scotland. There are CMA branches located in Australia, Africa, Canada, England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the USA.


Clan Name: MacRae

Clan Leader: While not a ‘Chief’, the leader of the Clan is Baroness Miranda van  Lynden, Constable of Eilean Donan Castle

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: All combinations of Ra/Rae/Rath, with or without the prefix "M'", “Mc”, or “Mac”. For example; "Rae", "M'Rae", "McRae", and "MacRae" are all acceptable variants.  Crae, Cree, Macara, Macarra, Maccra, Maccrath, MacCrae, Maccraith, McCrady, MacCraw, MacCray, Macrae, MacCrea, Maccreath, Maccree, Maccrie, MacKereth Macrath, Maccroy, Macgrath, Macgraw, Machray, Macra, Macraith, Macrach, Macray, Macrie, McRae, McCrae, McCrea, Rae, Raith, Ray, Rea, Reath

Notable Clan Members: Maj. (Dr.) John McCrae who wrote “In Flanders’s Fields”.  Meredith MacRae actress played Billie Jo Bradley in Petticoat Junction.  Her mother Alice MacRae an actress played Alice Kramden for a while in the Jackie Gleason show and her father Gordon MacRae was an actor and singer.  

Clan Trivia: War cry is “Sgurr Uaran”.

Motto is “Fortitude”.

Nickname is “Mackenzie’s shirt of mail”.


Clan Name: MacDonald / McDonald

Clan Leader: Nathan MacDonald (The Cambridge Scottish Festival 2017’s Clan Chieftan!)

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: McDonald, Macdonald, Macdonnell, McDonnell, MacDonell, McConnell, Donaldson, MacIain, McCain, Reynolds, Houston, McIlwraith and many more.

Notable Clan Members: Sir John A. MacDonald (first Prime Minister of Canada), Flora Macdonald (Jacobite loyalist and heroine), John of Islay, Lord of the Isles (first to use the title “Lord of the Isles”), Somerled (a 12th century warlord) and Allan MacRanald (a Chief of Clan Ranald)

Clan Trivia: Clan Donald is the largest Highland clan


Clan Name: McDougall

Clan Leader: Chief Morag MacDougall of MacDougall and Dunollie

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: Cole, Coles, Coull, McCoul(l), Coual,
Macoual(l), Coyle, MacCoyle, Dill, MacDill, Dole, MacDole, Doll, Mcdoll, Doyle,
MacDool / Doual(l), Mcdoual(l) / Doul(l) / MacDoul(l) /Dougal(l) / Dugle / Dugal(l) / Dugald / Duval(l) /
Duwal(l),  Dowal(l), Dowel(l), Howel(l), MacHowel(l), Kyle, MacDewel(l), MacDool, Macduyl, MacDowyl, MacDul(l), Macdougal(l), MacDougal(l), McDougal(l), MacDouyl, M’Douwille, Macduoel, M(a)cDowal(l), M(a)cDowel(l), MacDowile, MacDowilt, MacDu(a)el, McDuhile, Mcduwel(l), Mactheuel, McGowal(l), M’Gowal(l), Macdowal(l), Macdowel(l), MacDowal(l), MacDowel(l), MacHale O’Dowill, McHoul

Notable Clan Members:

Clan Trivia: In 1306 at the Battle of Dalrigh, Robert the Bruce was ambushed by John of Argyl, Chief. The attack was revenge for the murder of John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch. MacDougall attackers tried dismounting Robert the Bruce but only pulled off his cloak and brooch. Robert the Bruce’s brooch is still in the MacDougall’s possession to this day.


Clan Name: MacNeil

Clan Leader: Roderick Wilson Mmacneil of Barra, The Mmacneil of Bbarra,  Chief of Clan Niall and 27th of Barra, Baron of Barra

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: MacGougan,  MacGrail, MacGugan, MacNeal,  MacNeally, MacNeil, MacNeiage, Macneile, MacNeille, MacNelly, Macniel, McGougan, McGrail, McNeal, McNeale, Mcneally, McNeil, McNeilage, McNeile, McNeill, Mcnelly, Neal, Neale, Neall, Neil, Neilson, Nelson, Niel, Niell, Nielson, O’Neal, Oneil, O’Neil,  and other variants of the above.

Notable Clan Members:

Clan Trivia: The Clan is said to be descended from the legendary Irish high king, Niall of the  Nine Hostages.  Castle  Kisimul Castle in Castlebay, Barra, the historic seat of the Clan, was leased to Historic Scotland in 2001 for one thousand years at the rent of 1.00 per year, and a bottle of Talisker whisky.


Clan Name: MacQueen

Clan Leader: None, Clan McQueen is another armigerous clan.

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames:

Notable Clan Members: Reverend Donald McQueen, known in the 18th century as “the most intelligent man in Skye”, Steve McQueen (actor),

Clan Trivia: Clan MacQueen can claim kinship to the old high kings of Ireland.


Clan Name: Rattray

Clan Leader: Lachlan Rattray

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: Ratray, Ratre, Ratteray, Rattery, Rattree, Rarrtray, Retrey, Rettra, Rettary, Rotray, Drimmie, Lude

Notable Clan Members: Dr. Charles Bird (Clan Genealogist) Keith Rattray (Past Canadian Clan Representative 1993-2016), Dr. John Rattray (surgeon and physician to Bonnie Prince Charlie)

Clan Trivia: Dr. John Rattray also wrote the original rules of golf in 1744 – his written rules were found in the back of a book in 1937 in an Edinburgh golf club. Robert Rattray, a sculptor and artist from Wales, was commissioned in 2012 to create a statue in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2014.


Clan Name: Sinclair

Clan Leader: Rory Sinclair

Clan Website:

Clan Facebook:

Alternate/Associated Surnames: Caird, Clouston, Gallie, Linkletter, Lyall, Mason, Flett, Moar

Notable Clan Members: Sir John Sinclair of Ulster, Magaret Trudeau, nee Sinclair,

Clan Trivia: Prince Henry Sinclair may have reached North America in 1398 - before Christopher Columbus.


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