Piping & Drumming

Over 150 competitors participate in this event each year. Contact PPBO for further details.

Highland Dance

With 250 dancers, you are sure to enjoy the music and the completion.

Tug of War

Watch as teams of men and women from across Ontario pull their way through the competitions. 

Cambridge Scottish Festival Events

Heavy Events

Always a crowd favourite, you will be amazed at the strength and athleticism of our competitors.

Highland Cattle

Get up close and personal with one of Scotland's most famous and most photographed beasts.

Beer Gardens

A great place to enjoy conversations with friends. Don’t forget to join the winning bands in the Beers Gardens after the competition.

About Cambridge Scottish Festival

Highland Games have been taking place for hundreds of years. Originally, these events were organized to keep men in good physical condition so that they were prepared in times of war. Throughout the years, the Highland Games became a great way to spend time with family, enjoy the pipes and drums as well was compete in competitions. Today, we keep that part of Scottish heritage alive and well.

Other Scottish Festivals

Enjoy your Scottish heritage at other events
throughout the summer: 

Other Scottish Festivals

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