Tug of War

Tug of War is a contest in which two teams show their strength by pulling against each other at opposite ends of a rope. This sport originated from ancient ceremonies and cults, which are found all over the world. Egypt, Burma, India, Borneo, Japan, Korea, Hawaii and South America. The ancient tug of war was performed in various styles. Teams in Afghanistan, used a wooden stake instead of a rope to pull. Children in Korea clasped their arms around each other’s waists to form a living tug of war chain. The Northern Canada, Native children have a tug of war contest known as ‘arsaaraq’. It’s a tug of war contest with the pullers sitting on the ground, using a short rope. The one who pulls his opponent over from his seated position is the winner.


This year we are pleased to offer an AMATEURS ONLY charity competition. 
The cost to enter a team is $100 per team. Teams consist of 8 pullers, 1 substitute, and 1 coach.
All tugs will be run under CATOWA International Rules.

All proceeds from amateur tug will be donated to winner's charity of choice. 

For more details please contact Maris at  marisleitch@gmail.com.




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