Experience Scotland on the Grand this Summer!

After over four decades of celebrating Scottish heritage and culture, the Cambridge Highland Games is undergoing an historic transformation. The 2016 edition will mark its first as the Cambridge Scottish Festival.

As part of this change, the Cambridge Scottish Festival has also developed a new logo that is representative of the strong Scottish roots in Waterloo Region and the festival's long history as a proud part of the Grand River community.

Festival President Duncaun McLeod says that the continued success of the annual event warranted taking on this new identity. “The things that have made the Highland Games a local tradition will continue to be important as we enter a new era as the Cambridge Scottish Festival. We felt these changes will help us better promote not only the contributions of Scots to Canada, but also the things that make our community such a great place to live and work.”

During the third weekend of July, Cambridge will become ‘Scotland on the Grand.’ A two day event featuring traditional games, food, and music, along with exhibitors and speakers, the Scottish Festival will have much to offer to Scots and those who are simply Scottish at heart. It promises fun for people of all ages. “We look forward to sharing more about our event in the coming weeks. It is shaping up to be an exciting weekend!” Early bird rates will be offered on tickets purchased at select local retailers. For more information and updates visit!







About Cambridge Scottish Festival

Highland Games have been taking place for hundreds of years. Originally, these events were organized to keep men in good physical condition so that they were prepared in times of war. Throughout the years, the Highland Games became a great way to spend time with family, enjoy the pipes and drums as well was compete in competitions. Today, we keep that part of Scottish heritage alive and well.

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